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We have been providing dedicated IT solutions for the Army and Uniformed Services since 1991, when the company was established. We specialize in surveillance, command and control systems as well as crisis response systems for all the command levels. Additionally we specialize in solutions for military and civil air traffic management systems as well as solutions ensuring secure data flow between IT systems or networks. The skills and experience we have gained during the years of our business activity made us capable of conducting the full life cycle of IT system development: from R&D phase via production and deployment to accreditation and maintenance.

We are creative

We regard our products as nothing more than a tool supporting operators and end users. Consequently, we consider careful identification and evaluation of the users requirements by experienced business analysts as the most important phase in software development.

We are pragmatic

Our belief that we can create secure and reliable applications is advocated by each consecutive project. The success factor in our work is the unique mix of simple ideas, high-end technologies, systematic development process and steady testing and verification.

We are professional

Stable and creative team of professional engineers, analysts and software architects is the most competitive advantage of Filbico, which enables us to tackle even the most challenging projects.

About our company

For more than 25 years, we have been providing dedicated IT solutions for the Polish Armed Forces and other uniformed services. We specialize in command and control, as well as crisis and battle management systems for all the levels. IT solutions for various fields have much in common, so we readily take up interesting projects from outside our specialization, including the civilian sector.

Our skills and experience enable us to manage the full systems development life cycle effectively: from research through development, deployment, accreditation, to servicing and maintenance.

For a few years we have been also providing solutions for civil air traffic management systems

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Operating systems and hardware

Operating systems: MS Windows, Linux, QNX 4/6, BSD, VMS, SUN OS

Databases: Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

Network appliance: Cisco, 3COM, HP, Allied Telesis, Zyxel, Transbit

Software technologies

Programming languages: C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript, SQL, PL/SQL, Pg/SQL, PHP, Ruby, Perl, ASM x86, ...

Development environments: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, SPE, Watcom Optima, Qt

WWW: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Joomla, Zope

Distributed computing: Corba, WS Axis, WS Twisted, RPC, protokoły i usługi IP

Development process

Project management: MIL-498, SCRUM, Prince 2, ISO 12207

Configuration management: Trac, SVN, Mantis, CVS, RCS

Desing and modeling: UML (Sparx EA, MagicDraw), Druid

Resource management: MS Project, GanttProject

Our Goals

Our skills and experience make us capable of upgrading or developing a dedicated IT system completely. We offer a variety of services: development, technical support or consulting in each software life cycle phase from inception to maintenance and retirement. Our technological capabilities enable us to develop any dedicated software either by integration of COTS and our proprietary components or by starting from scratch. Our offer is aimed at armed forces and other uniformed services as well as demanding civilian clients.

We understand development of IT systems as a process much more complex than just implementation. Each application requires a thorough grasp of the requirements, business processes and all the conditions of deployment and utilization. It applies to both small portals for delegated operators, complex multi-level C2 systems for crisis management and command operations' automation, and real-time systems for battle management or fire control. Therefore, our offer includes consulting and participation in R & D projects, analyses, development of concepts and technical designs for special IT applications.

The deployment phase is often underestimated, although it is crucial for every IT system. We offer a wide range of services to help deploy and utilize our products. We can develop a complete design and operational documentation, install the systems, participate in user acceptance tests, train the users of our products, and provide comprehensive warranty and post-warranty support services.

We pay particular attention to IT security. That is why we provide advisory service on protecting classified information. We have infrastructure for processing classified information up to the Secret level. We provide security documentation compliant with the State Security Services regulations for IT systems.

Company information

Registration information

Filbico Sp. z o.o. was established in 1991r.

National Court Register Number (KRS): 0000166263

National Business Registry Number (REGON): 012526655

VAT registration number (NIP): PL 125-00-00-467

Firmie nadano DUNS 52-484-8876

Company share capital: 250 000 PLN

Authorities entitled to act on behalf of the company:
- each Trustee alone

Company profile: software development


Filbico employs 29 people, including:
- 22 employees with a university degree
- 2 persons with PhD

Our employees are graduates of Military University of Technology, the Warsaw of Technology, the University of Warsaw and specialize in:
- Information technologies
- Cybernetics
- Automatics and robotics
- Electrical engineering
- Mechanical engineering

Would you like to join us?

The success of company always emerges from the staff quality. Well tuned team of highly skilled specialists is a source of great pride for us. Although we do not offer any positions at this moment, we always welcome the opportunity to meet a skilled proffesional we could employ or cooperate with. Please, send your CVs and Cover Letters by email, to filbico @ filbico.pl. We will consider all the application with a great interest.



creation, development, testing and maintenance of software, preparation of technical documentation, cooperation with analysts and designers

Mandatory requirements:

practical programming skills in C / C ++ and Python, practical programming skills for Windows and Linux, practice in using CASEUML tools, ability to communicate in English, bachelor's degree in computer science, electronics or related

Skills are welcome:

good knowledge of the foundation of the operating system, practical knowledge of concurrent programming, knowledge of project management methodologies: SCRUM, RUP, knowledge of design patterns, knowledge of RDB: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, programming skills in Java, HTML5 / JS, PHP, use of control systems version error tracking, knowledge of middleware: CORBA, JMS, XDR, SOAP, knowledge of QNX, Android, iOS, knowledge of engineering software: matlab, octave, knowledge of OpenGL

We offer:

full-time work, participation in the implementation of remarkable projects,
place of work: ZIELONKA

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FILBICO sp. z o.o.
ul. Prymasa S. Wyszyńskiego 7
05-220 Zielonka, Polska

(+48) 22 781-97-08